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Image by Sidekix Media

Excellent work done. Friendly people every time. Have had a lot of work done including a bathroom installation. Lift pump install. Clogs. Etc. Great crew. Sean was very helpful. Would recommend without reservation.

Image by Chastity Cortijo

Very thankful for Great Lakes Plumbing and the support and quality of work they offered. Alex did a great job at our home and was very kind and welcoming. I highly recommend this company for all of your plumbing needs.

Image by Hemant Kanojiya

We discovered a 3" copper drain line leaking into our basement from the upstairs bathroom. There was a 1" hole in the bottom of the drain line. 2 hrs after calling Great Lakes Plumbing a technician showed up at our house. He had the problem fixed within a half hour. We tested the repair by filling the bathtub with water and letting it drain and there were no leaks. The technician was very courteous and professional. The cost for the repair was also very reasonable. We highly recommend this business.

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