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Bathroom remodels

Whether you're looking to put updated items in the same place or you want to completely remodel your whole bathroom,  Great Lakes Plumbing Services we will come out and quote you FREE! 

How does it work? What's the catch? 


We take measurements, provide options and provide you with a FREE QUOTE to help you plan your bath remodel. 

Modern Bathroom

One Day Remodels

SAY WHAT!? That's right!! ONE DAY remodels are possible! 

In some cases, Great Lakes Plumbing can take out your old items and install your new items in just ONE day! 


Ready to get started? get your free quote today by calling our office or click the link to Book Online! 

Total remodel

The Plumber is HERE!

At Great Lakes Plumbing we can help transform your bathroom into a place of relaxation, joy, and comfort with our many soaking tub and shower options.

Call for you free quote today or click Book Online. 


Amazing shower options

ADA SHOWER 60X36.png

This universal design promotes spaces that are accessible for as many people as possible, regardless of age, size or physical ability. With no tub & low threshold to climb over, a barrier-free shower is a game-changer for anyone with achy joints or who uses a wheelchair.


Great Lakes Plumbing has many options for you to choose from. Are you wondering what this shower is like? 

This unit is in our showroom and you can see it, in all its glory, 8 am to 4 pm everyday!  Stop by to see this spacious shower and let us book your free quote. 

Transform your space

What are you waiting for?  

We will help you transform your space into something that fits your lifestyle. 

Call us to set up your free quote today! 

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