Hard Water Woes

Have you noticed that the water in your home feels a little rough? You might be one of many households that have a hard water problem. Hard water comes from underground sources that collect dissolved minerals from rock (such as calcium).  Many problems created by having hard water are hidden until some type of malfunction occurs in your home plumbing system or in a water-using appliance such as your tub or washing machine. Water softeners are designed to help make your hard water soft and easy on your clothes and body.

Types of Water Softeners

There are a few different kinds of water softeners on the market today. Before you go and purchase one, it’s important to understand the difference between all of them.

Salt-Based Softener

Salt-based water softeners usually have a metered resin tank that measures ion levels and initiates a cleaning cycle when it reaches a certain saturation rate. During the cleaning cycle, the meter aids in pushing the hard particles that have been captured down through a drain line. Using a salt-based water softener will make your water feel smooth and you might even notice your soap bubbles being extra bubbly.

Salt Free Softener

Salt free water softeners are just the opposite of salt-based softeners in that they do not require salt or an electrical valve. The water is more conditioned than it is softened with a salt free softener. The water goes through a Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) process where it’s passed through a catalytic media, and as a result hard water is unable to bind to any surfaces. Some of these minerals will remain in the water, but it’s way less than not having a water softener installed at all.

Which Water Softener is Better?

When it comes to deciding which water softener is right for you and your family, it ultimately boils down to if you want hard water minerals removed from your water (salt-based), or if you want minerals left in your water (salt free). You can also contact the plumbing experts at The Plumber Is Here and have a water analysis done. We will work with you and determine which system is right for you and your family. You can reach us by calling 616-218-2529. We service all of  West Michigan including Holland, Zeeland, Saugatuck, Grandville, South Haven, Fennville, West Ottawa, Georgetown, Grand Haven, and Jenison areas.