5 Tips To Avoid Sump Pump Failure | Grandville, MI Plumber

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

With the rain we get in West Michigan in short periods, you could easily end up with a wet basement.  Sump pump failure could end up costing you thousands, and most insurance companies do not cover ground water.  These simple tips could save you a lot of work!

  1. Get an alarm! Alarms can be purchased that will warn you if the water level is going above the floor.  They are the most inexpensive preventive purchase you can buy.  Most alarms range between $30-$60.
  2. At the PlumberIsHere, we will set you up with a secondary pump, all ready to install if the main pump goes out.  This will get you up and going in a matter of minutes and could save you hundreds on an emergency service call. Secondary pump installation can range from $250-$350.
  3. Add an emergency pump.  Battery backup pumps and water powered backup pumps are the most common type of pumps.  Talk to us before making one of these purchases, because price can vary.
  4. One of the biggest problems is power loss.  Both the battery backup pump, and the water powered backup pumps can help in case of power loss, however the minor details are very important, and should be talked over on site.
  5. Contact us at theplumberishere.com to talk about additional options that are more detailed than this.  They may require an on-site visit as some of the best options depend on the plumbing system in each individual home. 

Don't let a flooded basement ruin your week.  Sump pump failure and power outages are common.  Let theplumberishere.com help you go through your day feeling safe about your basement. We provide sump pump service to the entire West Michigan area including Grandville, Jenison, and Hudsonville.