5 Reasons You Need Water Filters | Grandville, MI Plumber

Benefits of Water Filters

For all of us in Michigan, the Flint water crisis hit pretty close to home. It makes us realize how important it is to make sure the water we are drinking is safe, and not full of harmful chemicals. Here area five reasons why you would want to invest in water filters:

  1. Water filters, such as point-of-use water filters, help eliminate lead from water and prevent it from entering the body and causing health problems.
  2. While it gets rid of contaminants, water filters keep the essential healthy minerals within the water.
  3. Filtered water is just as convenient as tap.
  4. It’s ultimately cheaper than buying bottled water.
  5. Using Great Lakes Plumbing Services LLC for a simple and quick installation of water filters.

Following these tips will help you and your family avoid hundreds of toxins and chemicals that could potentially harm your body. Have further questions on water filters? Contact the plumbing service experts at Great Lakes Pluming Expert Services LLC through our online contact form, or by calling 616-218-2529. We service the Grandville, Holland, Hudsonville, and surrounding West Michigan areas.